Hold the Line Conference - Virtual

September 8, 2020 to September 9, 2020

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Category: Conferences | Coordinator: Rev. Dean Stoner

Seeking a word of HOPE in a troubled time...

Looking for what lasts...what holds true...what remains faithful...

What do faithful men and women say/do in troubled times such as these?

We live in troubled times. In the last year, our world has experienced a global plague, COVID-19. Our attempts to curtail its death and destruction have included in-home isolation, stoppage of schools, stoppage of work, stoppage of travel, and in many cases stoppage of income. The new normal includes facemasks, social distancing, ventilators, and PPE. New procedures affect virtually every facet of life, from going to the store to going to church. The plague has resulted in extreme civil unrest, extreme unemployment, extreme monetary failure, extreme political and social division. It has precipitated destruction of our National Monuments and significant portions of our major cities.

Yes, we live in troubled times. We have heard that our country is no longer a Christian Nation but is now a post-Christian Nation. We have seen that Church attendance has declined, knowledge of the Bible has declined, and Christian values have declined. For many, this pandemic has significantly strained ministry, and in some cases, through government requirement, actually prohibited worship from taking place.

Some may be wondering if this is the end of the world. Others may be wondering what is coming next. What will happen to my job, my family, my money, my church, my home, my world as I know it? Will it get any worse?

It is to address these concerns and more that we will gather for a couple of evenings at our AALC Hold the Line Conference. This Virtual Conference will be held the evenings of Tuesday, September 8th and Wednesday, September 9th – from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM (Eastern Time) and you are invited to join us. See registration information below.

We are seeking a word of HOPE in a troubled time. We are looking for what lasts, what holds true, what remains faithful. We are asking, what do faithful men and women say and do in troubled times such as these?

The Rev. Dr. Curtis Leins, Presiding Pastor of The AALC, will address these concerns giving a two-part presentation on Church History and what we can learn from it. Dr. Leins will highlight the suffering and strength, the persecution and promise, the failure and faith of the Church throughout her 2000 years, but more importantly point out the actions of a powerful and faithful God through it all.

We invite you to join us on Tuesday, September 8 and Wednesday, September 9 at 8:00PM for a

Hold The Line Virtual Conference!

Registration is easy!

Just go to: https://www.taalc.org/donate

Cost for attending this two-night event is $10.00.

Once at the Donate Page, just fill out your information and Choose Fund from the pull-down menu (center of page), and choose Hold the Line Conference, then make your payment. Upon completion of registration and payment, we will then email you the link to connect to our Virtual Conference. Make sure to save this email as that will be your entryway into the Conference.    

This 2-day event will be a virtual setting via the Zoom platform.

Sessions begin at 8:00 PM and will end at approximately 9:30 PM (Eastern Time).