The 2021 Pastors' Conference, held recently in St Paul MN, was well attended, both    onsite and online. A word of thanks to Pastor Joe Marsh and the members of            Calvary Lutheran Church for hosting our event. Thank you also to all who attended. We hope you were blessed by the time spent together with Brothers in Christ!

Our theme for the week was Men's Ministry: Keeping the Fortress and Taking the Frontier. Morning Devotions were led by The Rev. John Hallock. The Rev. Dr. Cary Larson, Assistant Presiding Pastor of The AALC, presented three sessions on Men's Ministry: 1) The Secularization of Our World, 2) The Vocation of Fatherhood, and 3) Equipping the sons of God. Thank you, Chaplain Hallock for your devotions and Dr. Larson for your presentations. We were all truly blessed.

The answer does not lie in the might, the will, or in a man’s character,
as all are flawed by God’s standards and will fail.
A son of God can only hold the field of spiritual battle
equipped with the whole armor of God. (Ephesians 6:10-20).

Dr. Cary Larson

The link below will take you to the Men & Ministry page on Dr. Larson's website, where you can download the manuscripts, video and power point presentations of the 2021 Pastors' Conference. KEEPING THE FORT: THE RECLAMATION OF BOYS AND MEN IN THE CHURCH - A Doctor of Ministry Dissertation - Institute of Lutheran Theology 2020, recently completed by Dr. Larson, can also be found on his website.

Manuscripts, Video & Powerpoints of the Pastors' Conference 

You can also click on the links below to go directly to the Video and Powerpoint presentations or to download printed manuscripts.


Session 1 The Secularization of Our World

Printed Manuscript of Session 1 Presentation


Session 2 The Vocation of Fatherhood

Printed Manuscript of Session 2 Presentation


Session 3 Equipping the sons of God

Printed Manuscript of Session 3 Presentation


May the peace of the Lord be with you all! We pray God's blessings on the Men's Ministry in your congregations and communities.

Rev. Dean Stoner
Administrative Assistant to The AALC