Here We Stand

Confessing • Caring • Calling

We confess our faith. We care for one another. We call others to faith in Christ.

Each congregation in The AALC is precious to us. Some of our congregations are small and some are in remote areas, yet each one is connected to Christ and to our Association. We stand and walk together to care and support our brothers and sisters.

Grace, Mercy, and Peace


The Reformation Today | Part 1

How would you describe the world? It could be described as besieged by an expanding Caliphate, beleaguered by social unrest, influenced by pervasive secular humanism, and plagued by a general mistrust of all in authority, even those of

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The Reformation Today | Part 2

Imagine, if you would, a worship service that is designed much like a sporting event. Enter the superstar, the embodiment of strength with style. Assisted by several supporting players, this Most Valuable Player performs virtually all o

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The Reformation Today | Part 3

We live in a strange moment in human history. This is the time of the Superstar. We have superstars in television and movies, superstars in music and sports, superstars in politics, and, yes, even superstars in religion. Recently, Brent

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Upcoming Events

Sat Apr 06

Hold the Line Conference - West Hempstead, NY

Defending Holy Scripture in a Post-Christian Culture

Sun Apr 07

Hold the Line Conference - Chetek, WI

How Do You Answer Their Questions ... about Truth, about God, and about the Church

Sat May 04

Hold the Line! Conference - Kannapolis, NC

Defending Holy Scripture in a Post-Christian Culture

Sat May 18

Hold the Line! Conference - Germantown, MD

Defending Holy Scripture in a Post-Christian Culture


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