The Nature of the Church

(1) Jesus Christ is the living Lord and head of the Church, His Body in the world.

(2) Wherever the Word of God (the inerrant sacred Scriptures) is faithfully proclaimed and the Sacraments rightly administered, there is the one, holy, Christian, and apostolic Church.

(3) We believe that through these Means of Grace the Spirit of God produces His fruit, bestows His gifts, and unites the whole Christian Church on earth with Jesus Christ.

(4) This proclamation and the Holy Spirit's activity, rather than organizational union, constitute the true unity of His Church. We believe that this true Church eagerly identifies such unity and promotes and rejoices in fellowship and cooperation with all members of Christ's Body everywhere.


Section l. Witness to Christian Faith

The American Association of Lutheran Churches, a fellowship of congregations to which the Gospel of reconciliation has been given, seeks to focus and coordinate the purposes and resources of these Congregations to the end that the Triune God may be more fully known among men through a faithful ministry of God's Word and the Sacraments. The American Association of Lutheran Churches dedicates itself to bear witness to the eternal Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in its fullness and purity, and to preserve and extend the unity of that faith as revealed in God's Holy Word.

Section 2. Proclamation & Propagation

Through the Means of Grace, the American Association of Lutheran Churches specifically purposes to proclaim and propagate this eternal Gospel to the lost and weary of this world and to provide for daily renewal and sanctification of the members of its congregations.

Section 3. Agenda

(l) Establish congregations and missions on the North American continent and throughout the world as centers for the proclamation of God's Word and proper administration of the Sacraments, Christian evangelism, ministries of outreach and mercy, and Christian fellowship and growth.

(2) Train, certify, and discipline an ordained ministry for the administration of the Means of Grace

(3) Assist the congregations in the nurture of the children, youth, and adults in the covenant of their Baptism that they may grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and in their life of loving and obedient faith in Him.

(4) Provide theological and parish education and ministry to those involved in higher education.

(5) Study the problems of contemporary life and society in the light provided by the sacred Scriptures in order to bring to bear a Christian understanding of human nature, Law and Gospel, and Dr. Martin Luther's insight concerning the two kingdoms in order to enter effectively into society and government to help in dealing justly and mercifully with such problems.

(6) Develop, produce, and broadcast programs to communicate the Gospel using various communication media such as radio, television, audio, and video tapes, motion pictures, etc.

(7) Establish pension, medical, and disability plans in order to provide assistance for the pastors, eligible laity, and their families.

(8) Establish and maintain cooperative relationships and support with other churches, groups of churches, and independent movements, who are in doctrinal agreement, to effectively minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world.