The 2019 AALC National Youth Convention



AALC National Youth Conference

YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO

July 15 to July 19, 2019




Program Line Up -

Bible Study Leader: Dean Swenson

Speaker: Bill Yonker

Worship: the Conference Band

Dynamic Song Leader Duo: Swen & Dean


Join us for an amazing and God-filled week of

Bible Study, Prayer, Adventure, Fun, Fellowship and more!


Who can Come?

All Youth who have completed 8th grade Through 2019 High School Graduates



Each participant must complete a Registration Worksheet and send it with a completed Permission and Release Form and full payment to the address listed at the bottom of this page. You are NOT registered until both of these forms are turned in with your payment.

Check One: Youth_______ Adult Sponsor_______ Circle: Male Female

Home Church: ____________________________________________ Phone:___________________

T-shirt Size:_____________ Trip Coordinator:_______________________________________

Name:____________________________ Grade:______ Phone:___________________


City: ____________________________ State: _______________Zip:______________

Parent or Sponsor E-mail:_______________________________________________


Special Skills:________________________________ (Nurse, paramedic...)

Willing to do a workshop (circle): Y N Topic:________________________________________

Registration Fee:

Early Registration $340 Paid no later than 3/15/19

Standard Registration: $365 Paid no later than 5/1/19

Late Registration: $415 Paid after 5/1/19 (No guarantees on housing or activities)

Optional Activity Fee: $__________

White Water Rafting 1⁄2 day: $70 Due by 5/1/19 (Waiver form required) $ __________

(White water rafters will miss one workshop opportunity.)

> All other Y sponsored activities such as rock climbing, zip line, horseback riding, etc.

should be handled directly with the YMCA

Total Amount Due: (Checks Payable to "The AALC Youth Conference") $__________

Submit worksheet, release form and payments toYour Youth Director / Youth advisor / Pastor may want to see this before they are mailed in, so please check with them as to how your group will handle registration.)

Youth Conference Registrar

c/o Pat & Scarlet Dean

2880 75th St NW

Glenburn, ND 58740

Participants must ensure that correct payments are submitted based upon dates listed. To register, you MUST send in the registration fee, registration form, and your payment. (No payment without registration forms/release forms please.)



Date Registration Form Received:__________________ Amount Paid:__________________ Revised 20 October 2018




Expectations for the participants - sponsors will be enforcing

The leadership of the 2019 AALC National Conference would like to remind you of a few basic guidelines we all need to follow in order to make this year’s Conference enjoyable for all participants. These things are pretty standard for events such as this, so none of them should surprise you too much. If you keep in mind what the purpose of the Conference is, these things will not become an issue at all.

1. We are all ambassadors for Christ. Our attitudes and actions are a direct reflection on Him and His church. Keep this in mind when you decide what you will be wearing at the Conference (modesty is the key here), how you treat your surroundings (leave them cleaner than when you came), how you treat fellow Conference participants (just like you wish to be treated), and how you treat the sponsors and Conference leadership (with respect and obedience).

2. Be there. The Conference has been designed to have a lasting spiritual effect on your life. Know what time it is and where you are supposed to be!!! Students will be at all scheduled activities unless they have received permission from the Conference staff.

3. Get some sleep. A good night’s sleep is vital to getting the most out of the Conference. Be in your room and lights out at the time specified on your schedule. Remember to respect others the walls are not sound-proof.

4. Take good care of yourself. Being at a high altitude has an effect on those who are not used to it. It’s important that you eat three meals a day (even if you don’t feel hungry), and drink plenty of fluids. Asthma and hyperglycemia effects are greatly increased in this setting.

5. Remember the Purple Rule. Girls are pink, guys are blue - Pink and blue together make purple... THOU

SHALT NOT MAKE PURPLE! Couples should limit physical contact to hand holding. Remember, we are representing Christ!

6. Respect your free time privileges. (PRIVILEGE is the key word there...) Know what’s going on, and where it’s taking place. There will be plenty of things for you to choose from, but keep a couple of things in mind...the other dorms and housing units are off limits to us at all times. Also, be back at the Camp in time for dinner. All off-site activities will conclude in time to allow you to make it back to eat. Don’t wander off alone! Be with at least one other person, and let your room sponsor know where you are going to be. There will be hikes scheduled during the course of the Conference. These will be the only times you should be on the trails. All trails are off limits at all other times.

7. Know what you can and cannot bring along. These are fairly simple, and self-explanatory...

Please do NOT bring: electronic games, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, synthetic marijuana, any drug paraphernalia, bath salts, vaping of any kind or purchases of any of these, laser pointers, weapons of any kind (guns, knives, fireworks, flamethrowers, and nuclear warheads should be left home), inappropriate clothing & logos or expensive items you’re afraid of losing (if you absolutely couldn’t stand to lose something, you may want to think twice about bringing it along).

In situations where a participant’s behavior does not follow these guidelines, every effort will be made to remedy the situation in accordance to Biblical principles. However, the leadership of The AALC National Youth Conference reserves the right to take disciplinary actions including youth being sent home at their parent’s expense if deemed necessary.Revised 20 October 2018



(You are NOT registered until this form has been turned in with your registration fee) Please fill out the following sheet and turn in with your registration worksheet and payment. Be sure all information is filled out and signed by parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

Participant Name: ____________________________Date of Birth:__________Phone:____________

Address:______________________________ City:________________ State:______ Zip:__________

I/We hereby give permission for my/our above-named child to participate with the youth of The AALC in any programs, activities, trips and events. I/We understand that these group outings will take place within the state of Colorado.

I/We hereby release The American Association of Lutheran Churches, its staff and sponsors, and its participating churches from responsibility and liability for any activities. In the event of an emergency, I/we hereby authorize an adult leader of this activity to act as my/our agent, to consent to any x-ray(s); examinations; and hospital care advised and supervised by a physician, surgeon or dentist (as appropriate) licensed to practice under the laws of the state where the services are rendered. I/we expect to be contacted as soon as possible and I/we therefore take responsibility for providing multiple phone numbers where I/we may be reached in the event of an emergency.

I/We hereby grant permission to The AALC the right to use, reproduce, and/or distribute photos and video of my/our above-named child, for use in materials created for purposes of promoting the activities of The AALC.

I/We have read the above release, understand and agree with these statements. We also have read and agree to the expectations and what to and not to bring. I understand the youth commission will enforce these expectations, and if needed, my child (I) will be sent home at our (my parents) expense.

Signature:_____________________________ Date:_______________

Parent/Guardian Signature

______________________________ Date:_______________

Student Signature

Emergency Contact Number(s):

Name:____________________________________ Number:

Name:____________________________________ Number:

Name:____________________________________ Number:


Blood Type (if known):___________ Allergies:____________________________________________

Current Medications:_________________________________________________________________

Physical Handicaps / Limitations / Special Needs:__________________________________________

Medical Insurance Carrier:_______________________________________________________

Policy Number:____________________________ Phone:___________________

Does Carrier require pre-approval for hospital admission? YES NO

Current Physician:___________________________________ Phone:________________________


For More Information contact:








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