The Sanctity of Life & Abortion

In dependence upon God, with love for those who are fearful of bearing children and with charity toward those holding differing opinions regarding the sanctity of life and abortion, we of The AALC:

1. Affirm that human life from conception is created in the image of God and is always sacred. Galatians 1:15, Jeremiah 1:5

2. Understand that an induced abortion is a sin before God against mankind because it ends a unique human life for which God has a plan that would bring glory to Him and benefit to fellow human beings. Psalm 139:1,7,13

3. Advocate the exercise of sexual and procreative acts only within the framework of marriage in accordance with the teaching of God's Word so as to diminish the temptation to turn to abortion.

4. Deplore the legal permissiveness that denies protection to the weakest and most defenseless of the human family, the unborn. We view this as an irresponsible and morally reprehensible neglect of God's gift of human life.

5. Reject the practice of induced abortion.

6. Acknowledge that there may be rare cases in which the mother's physical life is clearly and directly threatened and where all other possible alternatives to saving the lives of both mother and child have been exhausted, that abortion may be a tragic option.

7. Recognize that civil law is a significant factor in shaping the judgement of citizens concerning that which is right and wrong. The current legal climate of total permissiveness regarding abortion, teaches that human life has diminished significance or value.

8. Urge that pastors, counselors and others dealing with the "other victim", the mother herself, as well as fathers and others responsible for and involved in the practice of abortion, be knowledgeable and sensitive about the profound guilt, remorse and shame that accompanies abortion and be diligent in ministering the Gospel of forgiveness and new life through Jesus Christ to them.

9. Urge pastors to lovingly counsel women with problem pregnancies to avail themselves of options in dealing with the child other than abortion and that we strive to provide loving care, guidance and means to facilitate such options to the mother.

10. Urge Christians everywhere to patiently strive through prayer, proclamation of God's Word regarding the sanctity of human life and all Christian and legal means to effect the changes in law necessary to provide full protection for all unborn and born children.


That The AALC, here meeting in convention, urge its congregations and members to take a strong stand against abortion and become actively involved in supporting those groups and ministries that are endeavoring to protect the sanctity of human life and are providing positive support and ministry to men and women who are experiencing crisis pregnancies or otherwise need Christian care and comfort and the forgiving love of Christ.