Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Ellis, KS Revitalization Workshop

September 15, 2018

9:00am – 1:00pm

Category: Conferences | Coordinator: Rev. Dean Stoner

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Revitalization Workshop

106 East 8th Street
Ellis, KS  67637-2202

In his book, Joining Jesus, author Greg Finke makes an important statement:

"The odds are very good that right now, wherever you live in the U.S., the people in your neighborhood and workplace are largely unconnected to a local congregaation and may not be connected to Jesus at all. We are no longer a church who is servicing a community filled with a variety of Christians. We are now a church who finds itself needing to be on mission in a mission field."

And the mission field is right here.

The problem is that the church has not been trained for this. 

This is why churches today are struggling. We continue "to think and operate as if the culture is still essentially churched and looking for a church home."  

 It is not.

In this Revitalization workshop we will explore our world today in terms of ministry.
We will discuss the challenges of the church presently, including the
demographic shifts within our population, the rapidly changing culture that we find ourselves, the challenge of the younger generations, and what opportunities all of this can bring for sharing Christ's Gospel and growing the church.

We will discover our identity, both as how we see ourselves, and just as important, how the community of Ellis sees us. We will learn as a congregation the importance of incorporating a relationship building strategy in our 21st century context, what I call being "intentionally relational." We will inventory specific gifts unique to this congregation, learn to discover the needs of the surrounding community, how the two may intersect and why that is important.

Finally, we will look at Men's Ministry, and how critical
this particular ministry is to the vitality of the church going forward. We will examine the feminization of our culture, and the challenges that
poses, in particular, to Men's Ministry.

The workshop will begin at 9:00 AM Saturday morning.
Coffee and refreshments will be served.

For more information contact:
Rev. Michael Badenhop - Pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
(785) 726 - 2670
Rev. Dean Stoner - National Home Mission Developer
(419) 704-5493

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